About Me

This is a private blog, launched in August 2018. It consists of three different pages in English, German and Persian. The Persian part of it exists for about 15 years. Being aware that a blog and every piece of text has its own life once created, which is not necessarily the same as intended, my focus is on the items of interest that are IT (in which I did my BSc and MSc), social life and in great academic passion, all subjects around the term “Sustainability” which was my PhD subject. Certainly, I write about this and that and everything that comes to my mind, too, but the initial intention is to share and exchange academic ideas.

While doing my Doctorate of Business Administration at the management school of the University of Liverpool/UK, I came across various subjects, such as theories around social constructionism and social organizations, complexity theories, and management theories attracting me to all items around Sustainability. I believe that these theories provide the academic fundament to develop new ideas for a sustainable world. In particular, the theories of Triple Bottom Line (TBL) are of my particular interest, where to my understanding we could deal with environment protection, social justice, and business profit without compromising any of them for the sake of the others.

I, personally, like discussions about Complex Responsive Processes in which, I believe, we could find new perspectives in looking into social processes in order to explain our highly complex world.

Surely, I also write about all kind of things I observe, such as social life, politics, cultural items, literature, IT and internet items, etc. I have not left my engineering life and have certain interests and hobbies in playing with IT stuff, hardware and software. At home, I play with microcomputers, Raspberry PIs, Odroid, etc., still an engineering kiddie. If I have something interesting to report, it will be here on this page. I try to keep them separated by using the right keywords for categorization for easy selection.

Best way to contact me is sending an email to navidar at the domain of this page navidar.eu.